International presence

International presence

The main sectors of activity of our subsidiaries :

50% agrifood
20% Manufacturing Industry
20% Others
10% Infrastructure


Ovalt group's subsidiaries have been working on the creation and optimisation of production processes in the food industry for more than 40 years. The sector must face the challenges of productivity and food safety and to respond to them, our subsidiaries provide their expertise to improve the flexibility of workshops, production times, traceability and optimization of costs.

Manufacturing Industry

The subsidiaries of the Ovalt group work and develop solutions in various sectors such as automotive and aeronautics, both in France and abroad. The multidisciplinary nature of our skills and our multiple references allow the group's subsidiaries to be recognized by their clients as experts in their fields. We are working on the creation and optimization of production in your factories to meet your expectations in terms of efficiency and traceability.


For more than 30 years, the subsidiaries of the Ovalt group have supported environmental stakeholders. Our past and current experiences allow us to bring multidisciplinary expertise. Whether it concerns the realization of logistics solutions adapted to recoverable materials or even customized production systems, we will offer you solutions adapted to your needs and to regulatory standards.  

Energy recovery

The subsidiaries of the Ovalt groupe have around fifty references in the field of energy recovery. On the strength of these experiences including various fields of intervention, we will be able to offer you future solutions to support you in your energy transition. Our global approach guarantees you quality installations that respect safety standards.

Extractive industry

The subsidiaries of the Ovalt group implement solutions specially developed for the management of extractive industries. We design systems that are above all thought out and adapted to your processes, in close collaboration with your technical teams. Our automation, supervision and industrial IT solutions deal with all your processes, from quarrying to shipping, including crushing and storage.


All the know-how of the subsidiaries of the Ovalt group allows us to intervene in all segments of the market. We develop our expertise to optimize the performance of a building as a whole and meet all requirements in terms of energy saving, cost, safety and functionality. Our experiences allow us to design projects from all walks of life, from design to maintenance.