Who are we ?

Who are we ?

Specialized for more than 40 years in the sectors

of the grain industry, agrifood & infrastructure, manufacturing, energy recovery & waste treatment.

The subsidiaries of the Ovalt group (BuildData, CIP, FTCI, ID, IDAM, LAB4i, OET, PGC et RMPI4i) offer turnkey industrial solutions. The group's subsidiaries implement and adapt complete solutions for each market, and more particularly for each customer, drawing on their knowledge and mastery of industrial processes.

The ALTENOV Technology Alliance and Innovation holding, is at the service of certified experts. The BuildData, CIP, FTCI, ID, IDAM, LAB4i, OET, PGC et RMPI4i subsidiaries offer to design and monitor projects as a whole with a constant concern for quality and commitment.

With LAB4i, the new innovation cell of Ovalt the group is gaining new momentum and placing innovation at the heart of its projects. Follow LAB4i news via Twitter (@ LAB_4I).

What drives us

With capital entirely held by employee shareholders

500 employees - 50% employee shareholders

Key figures

Turnover €60 million
R&D investment = 5% of production - 13,000 hours of research and development studies
International turnover = 10% of overall turnover